December 2021

Flash Fiction #88 – Good Dad

Five-year-old Eli leaned against the dock. Walter hoped that a fish pulling on the line would coax his son over. No dice; little Eli watched in furrowed judgment. Walter had tried it all: baseball, camping, arcade-game playing. A father-son duo nearby laughed. Why can’t that be us? A week later, Walter gets his answer. He stumbles …

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Flash Fiction #84 – Drink

Hopper’s hand shook as he lifted the shot glass. Three months sober, the longest he’d gone. ​ Drink, the spirits inside him whispered. ​​ He closed his eyes and inhaled. The sweet fumes excited the spirits. ​ Drink! ​​ He brought it to his lips. ​​ The spirits waited expectantly— alcohol was their gateway. Nothing felt so good to …

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