Flash Fiction #121 – GRand PaRent Wanted

Attention Old People!

I am Luna. I am 6 in 4 days. I have no gRand paRents. Mine aRe dead in gRaves. Mom said that they died befoRe I was boRn. I neveR met them so I think thats tRue. But I like old people veRy a lot. I want some. I like to touch theRe Rinkles. I also like how they give pResents. Also how they love eveRybody in the woRld but most of all theRe gRand childRen. If you want to be my gRand paRent come awdishun. I live in the pink house. I only get 5 dollaRs a week but I can pay you in love.

I will love you foReveR.


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