I’m so glad you’ve found yourself on my website. Here you can find all of the books I’ve released thus far, some free goodies, and info on how to stay up to date on what I’m working on. Enjoy!

Jeremy Ray


Short Stories, Flash Fiction, and More!

You can find all of my works that I have for sale here. Purchasing my work, in physical or digital form, helps to support me, so I greatly appreciate it! Even reading my work on Kindle Unlimited gives me a small amount of royalties at no cost to you beyond the monthly subscription. You can also read all of my flash fiction stories (which are sent out weekly to my newsletter subscribers who see them before anyone else) here.

What Readers Are Saying

I’m so lucky to have a thoughtful and engaged reader base. You can see a few of the highlights here, and read all of the reviews on Goodreads at the link below!

“I felt panicky and claustrophobic when I read this – I was absolutely on edge!”

“This short story is so good! When I tell you it has everything you need in a piece of literature, I am not lying. It’s informative, heartbreaking, unexpected, and heartwarming. A beautiful story about love, loss, and grief.”

“It was strikingly beautiful to see a plant thinking, feeling, observing, and perceiving things in ways, far beyond our imagination, and the story itself melted my heart!”

“I was glued to the page, enraptured and intent on seeing each new terror that unfurled.”

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