Flash Fiction

This is an archive of flash fiction pieces I’ve made publicly available. To be the first to see my newest pieces every week, subscribe to my newsletter here. You can purchase physical and digital copies of the collections here.

Flash Fiction #148 – Stricken

“You okay?” asked Sven. He stirred his drink and smiled at Ingrid. She sat, cross-armed, eyeing him like a potential mugger. “It’s just coffee, relax.” “I have things to do,” she huffed. And she did–she had very important lab samples to run. This was inconvenient. She thought herself immune to frivolous things like human feelings. …

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Flash Fiction #145 – The King-Size Bed at Bedlam Inn

The hotel staff at Bedlam Inn have a very special way of dealing with pesky guests. You know the kind. Entitled wackadoos who demand demand demand. They get the most exclusive room. Our staff will personally escort them up.​ “You’ll love the king-size bed,” they’ll say with a smile.​ And the guests always do. Until they sleep. And the bed’s mouth …

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